Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hello all,

Gavin and I celebrated our 4th anniversary yesterday together! We both worked and poor Gavin had a root canal mid-day. How he went back to work I don't know! He did though, he is a trooper! We're planning to spend the day or overnight in Block Island sometime this month. It's a busy month with lots of birthdays and baby showers (not mine), its hard to find time in these busy months. We are looking forward to it though. Block Island is very cutesy and quaint, and Gavin has never been there. I think he'll really enjoy it. ;)

So, in the last post I had mentioned Surrogacy and how I was doing my homework.
It was pretty new to me. I didn't know anyone personally who had done it, just the rich and famous. ;) So I know most people know about it, but for anyone who doesn't. A Surrogate Mother is a woman who carries and gives birth to a child with the intent to give the child to the intended parents. A Gestational Surrogate is a woman who carries a pregnancy for someone else,donating only her uterus. A Traditional Surrogate is a woman who donates her egg as well as her uterus. There is so much to learn, I've been learning a little over the year. Last summer while learning, I met a few Surrogate Mothers and spoke with them via email and learned a little more. Towards the end of the summer I found a great website/little community of Surrogate Mothers and Intended Parents. I got a lot of  information as well as met some great people.

In the beginning of September I met an amazing women and great friend. ;) Big smiles!! I will call her J. We began chatting via email almost daily. Sharing lots of information about each other and family, life and our goals. I remember how excited I would get when I received a letter! Holy cow! And when a few days might go by without a letter. Wow it was just funny! I really looked forward to those letters. I believe in October is when we started chatting on the phone. I was so so nervous the first time, I remember it was an autumn day, I paced by backyard round and round for the whole conversation! It was great though! I saved ever email that was written and even jotted down a little bit of what we talked about and how long we spoke for! lol, it's quite funny. I little bit cute. J was what I talked about with my close colleagues at work,family and friends every day! Always something to say! Today almost a year later, she is still being talked out just about every day. Always lovely things J!

We decided that we wanted to work together! I also remember this day! What a day! ;) We decided J was going to help us become parents! J was going to be a Surrogate Mother for us and we would be the Intended Parents! Happy Happy time!

J has an very supportive, wonderful, kind and fun husband! These men are hard to find, yet I think J and I were blessed to find 2 of these great men! J also has two sweet sweet little ones! Gavin and I have had the pleasure of meeting the little munchkins. Their just amazing! J also comes from a supportive, great family! Who invited us into their beautiful home like we were family! ;)It was great! I'm not going to get into any of the not so fun parts of Surrogacy, but there are some considering it is a big deal.

I'm am getting very tired and I need to relax with Gavin a little before bed. I do look forward to next time sharing about our first meeting in good ol' California January 2011!
So until next time,
Happy Relaxing,

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