Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vintage love!

Love for vintage illustrations!

I want to share some sweet images from Eloise Wilkins. I adore her work. I have some of her

Golden books, but I actually picked up this one from TJMaxx. It's a golden books collection

of Elloise Wilkins stories! What a score! ;) These are a few of my favorites!

I look forward to sharing these lovely stories and pictures with my little ones pretty soon! We are 17.5 weeks! Thursday is a big day, we should be finding out the sexes! Holy cow, we're almost half way through our pregnancy!

Have a Suneday!



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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ulta haul!


Really hard to believe were in the middle of june! I'm super excited that were in our second trimester! Were actually 16 weeks! All is well in the baby dept. we have an appt. on wednesday for a 17 week/2nd trimester check up!

Well last week I treated myself to some new cosmetics! FUN! I hadn't been to Ulta before, but its currently my favorite store! My sister and I went for the first time and it was like a kid in the candy store! Wow!

Its awesome, it has about hallf drug store prices and the other half department store prices. There is a tester for everything which is a huge plus. So here is what I bought!

This Laura Geller baked body frosting/ bronzer is awesome,it has a beautiful glow!

I haven't bought myself an expensive perfume in forever! I <3 it!

I have to say the urban decay eye pencils are the best! I bought the color underground (purpley,grayish brown) I love it! I thought it was time for a new shade. So I got mildew! It's metalicy green.

Finally to this great stilla palette I've used the shades kitten and sugar before so why not get it all for $20.


Lastly I got this really fun nail polish in blue lagoon! Love the shade, lovely blue with a shimmer! New tube of lipstick for a couple of dollars in Darling!

Have a Suneday!


Happy Father's Day!


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