Sunday, September 25, 2011

My First Sewing Project!


I'm so excited to share my first sewing project that is almost complete. I have been very lucky to have my mother help me with this, I would have been lost! It was fun working with her!
I had picked up this beautiful sewing machine early summer, I was so excited about learning to sew! It's taken me this long to have something to show,but I'm ready! I look forward to many more projects especially with the holidays coming! Who doesn't want a personal homemade gift? I know I do! You just know their from the heart! So here we go!

I wish I had more pics from the start, I'll know next time!
This amazing vintage material, I bought at an estate sale and I have been saving forever! I think it's just beautiful! I was hard cutting it! I do think this was the perfect project! I do want to be able to use and show it off!
So excited! Rewarding too!

This is Gavin and my back porch!

Happy Sunday!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Flea Market Finds!


Looking forward to a relaxing weekend! It's a rainy one here in the Northeast! Last Sunday my sister Jacey and I venture out to New Milford ,CT to the Elephant Trunk Flea Market! It was a beautiful fall day! We have never seen so many vendors, so we were super excited! I found a few cute vintage items I'd like to share!
Our Arrival! A chilly start!

I found some fun fabric scraps for 25cents.
And a supercute bag, I think I'll use for cosmetics!
A ziplock bag of vintage buttons! The start of a collection!
The sweetest jewelry! Have you ever seen a bracelet like this? How about these adorable blue bird earrings!

To add to my tea cup collection the most shabby chic of all!

My last cute puppy!
At first I thought it was a door stop, then a book holder or maybe bank. It is heavy!
 Look at those Puppy eyes! :)
Thanks so much for visiting, and the fun comments that I love to receive!

Happy Weekend!

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Monday, September 12, 2011



Happy Monday evening, relaxation! I just finished reading through the blogs I follow! Sharing your weekends! All the weddings,anniversaries,birthdays and of course thrifting just good times were very enjoyable to read! I was busy Saturday with a beautiful wedding for friends of ours. It's always fun taking the extra time to get all dolled up for a wedding!
 I did manage to make it to a couple of tag sales! Yeah! I found some amazing vintage finds, I look forward to sharing with you!

First I want to share these precious vintage books! Copyrights range from 1940-1950's. They are just so sweet!
Now I'd like to share my vintage puzzles! Made by Playskool, I question if they were ever used?

Finally these lovely paper dolls which I can't wait to share with my Mom!

Happy Resting!

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Monday, September 5, 2011

On a budget!


This post is a little new to me, actually it's my first time sharing fashion! I had to share this amazing skirt I picked up thrifting. I knew it had a lot of potential! So, I paired it with a simple tee from target and my favorite go to sandals from TJMaxx! I think it looks great! I was able to get a little feedback from my sister and my grandmother. My sis really liked it and my Grandmother also liked it and shared with me that she used to wear skirts like this when she was young! VINTAGE! So here are the pics... Drum roll please, ha ha

I went shopping this morning that's why 2 of the pics are from a fitting room!
Back to the budget -Tee from Target $7.00, skirt thrift shop $2.50,sandals $29.99 totaling $39.49! Not bad! It was actually fun posting fashion on a budget!
Hope everyone's enjoying their Labor Day weekend!
Happy Resting!

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lovely Finds!


Hope everyone's Labor Day weekend is going well! Its great to have a three day weekend, I wish it happened more often! Saturday, Gavin and I ventured to New York to Stormville Flea Market! I was a little weary of the weather but it turned out great! It was warm and hazy! I found some lovely items! My first find was a beautiful vintage aqua summer duvet if you will. It was in a heap with other linens in a box on the ground, so I figured I would get a deal! I am just drawn to the color aqua. I paid $4 for this beauty. It actually fits my queen size bed and is in excellent shape!
I also found these sweet items that needed to come home with me!
The sleepy kitty is for my sister, when I saw it, I new my sis would love her!

I wish Gavin had found something to bring home, but we had a good time&had a yummy lunch! I have a few other finds to share that I picked up at a local thrift shop and Goodwill!
This set appears to me to be a sugar and creamer set of depression glass. I'll have to ask my Mother in law! I got the set for $5! The next set of finds are from Goodwill! This snowy scene placemat was such an exciting find because I have already collected2that match! And I love snowy scenes! I also have a love for
childrens books and at 50cents a piece I can't turn them down!

Well I am happy with these great finds to add to my collections! Again hope we all have a safe and happy Labor Day!

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