Monday, September 9, 2013

Biggest thrifting haul ever!

Happy September ! Can not believe we're approaching autumn! It's so hard to say goodbye to summer. In the northeast we seem to have such short summers and long winters. ;( Oh well, I do enjoy the four seasons. It's what my hubby and I grew up with and I want our babies to have it too! Speaking of the babies they are approaching 10 months! It's unbelievable! Baby Ella and baby James will be a year old in November. Time to starting thinking about birthday party ideas!

Let me get back to my love of thrifting! On Thursday evening, I generally check out Craig's list and the local newspapers online for tagsales and estate sales. I found one that really caught my eye, a church tag sale with brilliant pics of sweet items! I planned on making a stop at this sale! So time to share my haul! ;D

I'll start with what I thrifted for myself. Lovely vintage glasses, two sweet sets of four! They make me smile!

About a year ago I found a set of these drinking glasses in pink and white, so sweet! Here they are at Pink thrift


The remaining items are for my lil ones.


Love the primary colors for this kitchen area!
Sweet pull toys!
Love cloth books for the babes! Lovely stacking toys.
Look at this adorable lil bunny,has a zipper on the bottom. Ella and James love puppets!
Huge score! Gotta love fisher price!
This moma loves children's books and illustrations!
Love maisy books for infants and toddlers!
Thanks for checking out my blog, I love reading your comments!

Have a great week!

xoxo Carly



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