Saturday, August 24, 2013


We ended up going with the Country Fair! It was just beautiful! The fair was perfect for the babies! They were amazing!

In this bottom R pic James and duck are having a serious conversation! We had a beautiful summer day!

Happy weekend!

Friday, August 23, 2013

This week in Instagram!


Sunday-Thrifting with Sis or Auntie !

Estate/tag sale

The clothes horse thrift store

Finds- vintage fisher price toys and lovely vintage linen (Baby)


Monday- playtime with our new thrifted pink house! A few little people and fisher price farm animals!




Tuesday -train ride with moma and auntie the babies loved it!


Wednesday - yum yum time with blueberries and toast

Thursday - playing in our room while mommy goes through our clothes! What a cute find a tiny hat that just fits Ella! Too cute! Eat u up!

Friday- to grandmothers house we go. We had a beautiful visit with gramma and GG!
Saturday to be announced thinking of day trips in CT! Possible mystic? Fair? Thinking of an end of summer day! Daddy's off so it should be fun!
Have a terrific weekend!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Twins first vacation!

Our house is the gray one in the middle!

Saturday- so excited for this vacation, I've been looking forward to this for a long while! I packed the van myself, it was super hot and not fun! We arrive in Milford, it's beautiful but hot! Our family welcomes us and my sis soon arrives with gram and we all settle in. Phew, Jacey and I get the twins ready for a much deserved evening swim! What an amazing, refreshing swim! The babies loved it too! ; )

Sunday- the best weather of the week! A lovely wagon walk to a tag sale were I found a vintage table cloth ! Yeah I love vintage linens! A gentle breeze, sun and cool ocean to follow! Surf and turf for dinner!

Surf and turf family style!

Monday- relax beach days


Daddy and baby loves!

Tuesday- relax beach days


Lovely huge screened in porch!
Wednesday- family day! <3
Baby James and grandpa!
Thursday- a bit of a dreary day! Gav and I ventured out with the twins to the Christmas Tree Shop!


A little wagon ride on the boardwalk!

Friday- mommy time at the thrift store :) and the mall! I found a Beatrix potter treasure which I collect for the babies! It was nice to have some free time at the mall where I found a lovely sundress and aqua cardigan! We ended up leaving Friday night, thinking the babies may have been a little homesick. Saturday cleanup was probably a bit easier considering we had a lot of baggage! ;)

Thanks for a great vacation! I am so blessed!