Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hello to all fellow bloggers,

As we are concluding our loved weekends. I left off sharing with you an amazing women, who's going to help Gavin and I make our family! We decided that it would be important that we meet of course. So Gavin and I made a trip out to California in January 2011,to meet J and her family. We met them the Friday evening we arrived, it was great, a little scary too! This was potentially the woman that would carry a child for us. And vice versa for her too. There were so many feeling going through my mind. I think it was like that for her too! We a had great evening chatting, hanging out and sharing pictures. We met again Sunday, to spend the whole day together! I couldn't wait! Gavin and I felt such warm feeling after our first encounter!

Sunday we met at Pink's, a famous hot dog joint in LA and we later went to the Santa Monica Pier for a beautiful day! We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together. We did have to say goodbye that night, I'll tell you it was tough! We would be leaving early Monday morning.

After an amazing trip and meeting amazing people we planned another trip to make a little magic in February. There was a problem though, In California in February we found out that Gavin needed surgery before things could happen! We were really bummed out, flat out upset, we were all ready to go! It wasn't a total wash because we were able to spend more time with our friend J and family! We were invited to their home ;) and grandparents home for dinner! It was just great!

So were back in Connecticut, Gavin has his surgery at the end of March and we are told we needed to wait 6-12 months before we could move further with the surrogacy. We were able to have some testing done last Monday which was 4 months post surgery. So here we are today, praying for positive results! Things could happen a little earlier than 6-12 months. ;) Gavin and I were blessed to have met J she's like a lucky star
Sweet dreams!

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  1. What a beautiful story. This is just a lovely little blog you have here and what a sweet heart you are. Many blessings for your family. Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to see what you come up with next...smiles...Rene