Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Sunday!


I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! It's a hot one up here in Connecticut! I'm relaxing on my back porch just writing, listening to the birds tweet tweet and feeling just the slight breeze. I'm thinking about in just a few days, I will have been married four years to my baby! It's hard to believe, we've actually been together ten and a half years. Gavin was my first LOVE ! I've had boyfriends and such,but one of the first nights we met, I just knew I had to hang on to this one. There wasn't anything special he did, it was just something I felt! So here we are ten years later married,happy,wonderful families and in a sweet little brick home! Wait there's something missing, a little munchkin! Yeah, Gavin and I are ready to be mommy's and daddy's!

We have known for a long while that I am unable, due to some past medical history. Yet we were always positive knowing we would be parents when the time was right. There's always adoption and surrogacy. When we got married in 2007, we hoped that surrogacy would be an option for us.

We had an amazing honeymoon in California. We flew across the country the morning after our wedding to beautiful San Diego. We drove a convertible up the coast of the state. I'll never forget it's beauty! We spent a little time in LA, San Francisco and in the Redwoods,upstate California. It was a great trip, we always say how we'd love to move out.

Last summer my cousin and her darling baby girl from California came to visit. It was fantastic to spend time. We don't have any babies in the family here in CT ;(. What I noticed was how incredible Gavin was with the baby. He adored her, it was the sweetest thing. And I couldn't put her down! I knew we were ready for parenthood. As ready as anyone ever is, right?

I began my homework! Lots and lots to learn, about surrogacy! It's what we both thought would be best for us. Sorry,I think I need to take a break,yet I have more to share and I look forward to sharing! I'm excited! ;)

Happy Sunday,

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