Monday, November 21, 2011

Been Thrifting!

Yes I've been Thrifting! Over the past 6 or so weeks, without my computer, I haven't been able to share! These are a few lovely items I'd like to share! I found these lilac pumps at one of my favorite thrift stores. I generally don't find cute shoes Thrifting but these babies are CUTE! The brand is Jordashe my size, so 80's! I'd were them any day! Come spring I'm all set!
I bought this beautiful plate at the same store for a whooping .25 cents!

I found this sweet kitty cat framed picture,so vintage and cute! How about this adorable lady with ducks, I had to get it! A little more than I'd like to pay but I fell in love! I love birds,etc. It's dated 1978 w/ initials. It it's handmade, that's some talent! Lastly is this little baby book sweet as can be! It's copyright 1918! Wow it's old! What about the darling Lil poem! Love it! How knows maybe I'll have a baby girl in the future! ;)

I hope you enjoyed my lovely finds! Thanks so much for coming by! I <3 visitors and comments! <3 Carly I'm linking at-

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Sunday, November 20, 2011



I've have wanted to share a book with Lil Vintage Story Books for 5 weeks! Unable to due to a broken computer! The book I'd like to share is The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Kitten. It is the sweetest book! Copyright 1954 A Golden book. This book was redone as it is in mint condition. It's vintage at heart!

Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, November 19, 2011



I cannot say how excited I am to be blogging again! It's been almost a month! Gavin and I just figured out how to add images from my ipad2, I think images or pics make the post! My computer that I normally use is still broken. The pic I'm posting is my mother in-law Ellen's kitten! His name is Rocky! He is so precious! Look at him snoozing! Ellen adopted Rocky and his sister Molly moon at 8 weeks. The kittens were left at the steps of a vetranerian's office at only a few weeks! Some people! The babies were bottle fed untill they could eat on their own. Ellen's friend worked at the office and thought of Ellen right away, Ellen has a love for cats and dogs!

Yesterday I worked half a day which was great for a Friday! After work I headed right to the thrift store! This thrift store is huge, I'd have to say it's bigger than a Goodwill! I head straight the kitchen items (Pyrex)! I see two amazing pieces! They were in great shape and good prices! Smiles!

I next proceed to the book area, in search of children's books! I was in luck, I found about 12 excellent condition, hard cover books! Also priced right at $1.00 each!

I do a quick run through the linens, and then to check out!

I had a lunch date with my mother! Which was much needed! She works the weekend and I work Monday through Friday so it becomes difficult to get together! It was fun we both had breakfast! A favorite of ours!

I will post the pics in the next post!

Happy weekend!

Thrifting finds!