Monday, January 30, 2012

Bargain hunting!

I usually make a stop to goodwill once a week. In search of vintage linen,china anything that makes me smile! Lots of time I'm drawn to color! Pink and aqua are eye candy to me! Pastels work too! So I was browsing in the furniture area when I found this lovely little piece! The floral linen is what sold me! It's just a beauty!

Lately I've been noticing DIY chalk paint in blog land. I've really wanted to try the real Annie Sloan chalk paint but, it's not sold in CT and the price is a little steep! So for a few dollars I tried a sample of aqua paint from Lowes and some plaster of paris with a few drops of water. One part plaster of paris and two parts paint! Sorry no pics I forgot!

I love the outcome! Look at the color! I may sand it a little, not sure yet. I will put some furn. wax, if anyone can suggest a wax or protectant please let me now! Also it's rather small to be an ottoman but it's all I can think of. Any one have another idea, I'd love to hear it!

Lovely vintage!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To a growing family!


I'm really excited, things are going pretty good for Gavin and I! To becoming parents thanks to an amazing friend! I'll call her J. It's been a long journey for us! It's actually been over a year! J is going to be our surrogate and we will be doing in vitro fertilization! We Are in the process of getting our contract signed! Yeah! We are hoping to get started next month! It's so hard to believe! It's really happening! J and her family are Wonderful! We so look forward to our next upcoming visit!

Gavin and I are ready to begin are life as parents! I was hoping you would keep us in your thoughts and prayers throughout our journey!

Here are a few picures from our last visit with J in LA!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I am realizing my love for thrifting is getting a little overboard. I will by no means stop but I think I need to limit my thrifting! That was really hard to say! Wow! My home isn't big enough! Haha, we have a 2 bedroom house. Our spare bedroom is our computer room and soon to be nursery! Yes soon it will be our our nursery! Things in that department are proceeding again!
So what I really need to do is organize! So I did go thrifting over the weekend in search of vintage pillowcases! When your looking for something they sure are hard to find! I actually found a few a Savers! I found three a set and a single! I have something in mind I'd like to make with them! I guess since it's winter I should try to stay in and use my sewing machine and be more crafty! It's just hard to break the habit of Saturday morning tag sales and such!

How about these lovely vintage glasses! I just love them!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a beautiful holiday! I actually had a stomach bug for New Year weekend! ;(

This morning I got a package in the mail, actually a late Christmas gift from my hubby! It came from Hong Kong, a Blythe doll! My first! I think in the U.S they are only sold on eBay.
So I must share a few pictures of my sweet new doll!

Happy weekend!