Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday Game night!


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I had something fun and different to look forward to, it was Girls Game Night! I love playing games! Any game, I'm in!
So last weekend I planned a game night for girls of course, I have the hardest time getting my spouse or any guy to play boardgames. It was short notice because my sister is going on vacation for two weeks and I wanted her there of course! So I went to to send little cards via email to a few of my friends! Its free and fun. They have a good system going! This is the invite I used for my friends!
Cute huh?


I also have a few pics from last night. I want to add, I had a great time! We did so much laughing, it was great! They say laughter is the best medicine!
Jacey made guacamole! It was good!


Jessica and Jacey!

Good times!

Carly and Lynn!


Good time, Good eating and Good laughing!


  1. That sounds like fun! I need a girls night real soon, you just got me thinking... thanks for stopping by my Blog it's always fun to meet new friends, I love the way your dresser turned out. The color is yummy~ I am your newest follower. oxox, Diane

  2. That looks like way too much fun! I think I need some guacamole now. :)

  3. Game night looks like great fun! I've always loved board games and can't get my husband to play either! Thanks for visiting me...