Friday, August 31, 2012

Goodwill run!

Hello all!

This is my precious family on our goodwill run! We had a blast! We were actually on vacation at the beach in Milford, CT! Much fun.

I love children's books! Goodwill is one of the best places to find them! My babies are going to have a lovely collection!

I found these cute pink capri's from gap! They're perfect for work, at $6 you can't go wrong! Have a great weekend and happy thrifting! Carly I am linking-


  1. I so agree...thrift stores are a great place to buy children's books. My daughter buys them all the time (she is a teacher). Thanks for coming to my party.


  2. I've been building a little library for my baby boy. Love thrift shops and garage sales for books!

  3. I am always picking up books at the Goodwill for my Grand-peeps, there prices are great too! Looks like your family had a very fun shopping Day at the Goodwill! Hugs, Diane