Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My twin baby shower!

Jacey and moma to be!

Hello! I'm so excited these days! My sweet Ella and James are 36 weeks tomorrow! Just unbelievable! Jess went to the doctor yesterday to find they're staying put for now. He did schedule a c section for November 15, which is 38 wks1 day. They were both head down @ week 32, but babies move an now Ella is breach. ;(The nursery is close to completion, just a few odds and ends to finish. Oh, I have more good news last ultrasound about 10 or so days, Ella is weighing 5lbs am James is weighing 5lb3oz! Yeah so proud!


I wanted to share some pictures from my beautiful baby shower! My sister Jacey and Aunt Kathy hosted it with the help of my mom and mother in law! What a special day for me, it was great! Family,friends,food and presents for the babies!


Look at the yummy appetizers!

Gramma and mommy to be!
My friend Josie and me!

Jacey,Carly,Kathy and Josie!
Lots of love!




  1. Awe Carly! Love the photos <3 1 and a half weeks until babies are here! Can't wait to see you guys <3

  2. Carly, I hope you get this note - just wondering how you're all doing!