Thursday, July 5, 2012


We received some amazing news at our anatomical ultrasound. We were unable to be there due to Gavin needing surgery to his right knee due to the good ol' dirt bike. It was an unbelievable evening! Jess planned to call us during the ultrasound as long as it was okay. Waiting for that phone call was like waiting for Christmas morning! So so exciting!

The above pic is from our last LA visit. Jess called when the ultrasound began to share that...

Yeah!!!! A few seconds go by and then





So much Joy and happiness! I actually was screaming and jumping up and down! It was the best feeling! We are so blessed in many many ways!

Amazing link,check it out!

Have a Suneday!



1 comment:

  1. Carly-
    This brings tears to my eyes! Seriously I'm all choked up now! lol
    I'm thrilled for you! I'm an identical twin myself. Your babies are so lucky to have eachother!
    Congrats to you and your family!
    Erica :)