Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vintage love!

Love for vintage illustrations!

I want to share some sweet images from Eloise Wilkins. I adore her work. I have some of her

Golden books, but I actually picked up this one from TJMaxx. It's a golden books collection

of Elloise Wilkins stories! What a score! ;) These are a few of my favorites!

I look forward to sharing these lovely stories and pictures with my little ones pretty soon! We are 17.5 weeks! Thursday is a big day, we should be finding out the sexes! Holy cow, we're almost half way through our pregnancy!

Have a Suneday!



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  1. She is my favorite illustrator. I would guess that she has passed now.....but her drawings are adorable. I got a big collection book at the same store a few years back. I gave it to my granddaughter. I have found the single golden books recently and buy one everytime I see one. Thanks for sharing.