Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What an evening!


I had a very lousy evening, after work I went to Savers (a huge thrift store in CT) and sally's beauty supply. Yeah, that doesn't sound so bad and that part was great! As I get into my car it wouldn't start! It was awful,no cell, 25 minutes from home and not the best area of town. What do you do? There aren't pay phones around these days. I was very lucky I was able to use the phone in Sally's but no one answers phones these days because everyone screens their calls as I do too. I called my brother Jon and his girlfriend Heather picked up thank goodness. Since Jon actually works across the street from were I was he was able to call and ask a co worker from Pet boys to come and give me a hand! I was saved! So thumbs up to Jon,Heather,Joe and Pet boys!

So let's look at something that makes me smile and I hope you'll smile too!

Vintage linens! ;)
I have been collecting these beautiful vintage spreads, duvets etc. for about 2 years!
They do make  me smile!

I look forward to sharing my finds in a few days as my computer is under the weather!


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  1. I love all the different quilts and fabrics you find! I'm so jealous! I go every week just about searching for the perfect finds, and not once have I found either one!

    Thank goodness for the helping hand too. I've had that happen once, I'll have to tell you about it when we get the chance to chat♥

  2. Oooh I love vintage linen, looks like you have a lovely lot - they would make me smile too :o) Scarlett x

  3. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my wallet clutch thing!


  4. Hi Carly...I took an eight inch round of scrap fabric and basted around the edge with cotton thread pulled it closed enough to be able to stuff it with my finger full of polyfil. It worked great. There was a bit of room in the base of the planter so I filled it with poly and then set the ball/fabric in and it doesn't even move. No glue needed....thanks for stopping...smiles...Renee