Monday, October 31, 2011

Power outage!

Hello to all!

It's been a crazy couple of days! At first the prediction was a dusting to an inch. We move to 5-10 inches and then to a foot and a half! So we ended up getting about 8-10 inches, and a power outage from saturday night to Monday night! 48 hours, it was weird, I felt like we were camping! We cooked dinner last on our BBQ grill! Gavin did have a generator which helped tremendously! We didn't loose and food and don't laugh but gav hooked it up so we watched movies too! Jon and heather ( bro and girlfriend) came over yesterday and we played monopoly all afternoon! We had lots of fun!
I missed my iPad though for 2 whole days! So sad our other computer has a bug so I haven't been able to put any new pics, ;(

Talk soon, missed blogging!
Good night

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  1. Cannot believe the pictures on the news. We missed another great storm...It would have been a wonderful snowy Halloween....although I am sure you are all done with the mess. Blessings...Renee