Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Finds!


I tend to get excited for tag sales around Wednesday which is rather sad! I think it's okay though! ;) So I begin checking Wednesday and Thursday evening for upcoming sales. I've noticed in CT people tend to have tag sales Friday and Saturday rather than Saturday and Sunday! I don't blame them Sunday is a good rest day! I enjoy tag sales on Friday during my lunch break! Friday evening is when I plan my route for Saturday morning! I love to sleep in whenever I get the chance so I used to go when I woke up in the morning 10 or 11. Although this year I've gotten up early and wow is it worth it! The early bird catches the worm.

On my lunch break Friday this is
what I found.

The sweet just married couple.
I also picked up 2 pink pillows
that were in amazing shape.
I plan on making covers for
them and putting them on my
wicker love seat.

I woke up late Saturday morning due to a light rain! Around 11 or so I went to a few tag sales not to much luck. Later in the afternoon I did go to our local Salvation Army where I have had good luck! I bought  the cute green vintage car planter. It was marked 1.99 with a pink sticker and when I was cashing out I realized the pink sticker are 50% off, Yeah was I happy. I also picked up this vintage mirror, I think its very unique! A vintage baby blanket and holiday plate/bowl for candy etc. To me it looked vintage but its really from 2004, I like it, so I'll put it with my holiday things. Going to Salvation Army turned out to be good in my book considering the weather was crummy!

Talk soon ~Carly

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  1. What lovely finds Carly! That mirror is indeed unique ~ just beautiful! And that sweet vintage-looking dish will look just perfect on your merry holiday table at Christmas. Love Brenda