Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Glad to be blogging, it's been a week. Time flies! So Happy First Day of Summer! Yeah! I do enjoy the summer. I just finished my evening walk around the neighborhood and wow the sun setting was so beautiful! The sun was hot almost neon orange! I'm am bringing my camera tomorrow. There are so many things I see on my walk that I'd like pictures of! The sunset, numerous colors of flowers big and small and a aqua 1980's van! Oh how I hope its there tomorrow! I'd love to share it beauty with you!

The upper area of my neighborhood has garbage night and oh the things I past by ,a vintage wicker chair that was in pretty bad shape and a old wheel barrow that I couldn't convince my husband to help me pick up. The thing is I now I have projects taking up garage and basement space that Gavin isn't that fond of. So it's okay someone else will hopefully find it!

Guess what? I was outside on the phone covering the grill stepping onto the porch when I do a double take to see a skunk! Yes a skunk, I have never seen one so close. I quietly scream for Gavin to come and see as I search for my camera. Hopefully I can share the skunk pic with you.
The pic will be prettier next blog!
Happy Resting,


  1. Ahh! Skunks are cute, as long as they don't go stinky! Oh how I would LOVE to have garbage night! Maybe when we're in a better neighborhood, haha! I love junk-to-treasure finds. I was antiquing today when I missed your call! It was funny because I was thinking of you walking through there and seeing all the Pepsi finds! I'll call you tomorrow!
    <3 Jess

  2. Oh wow, fancy having a skunk in your garden! Amazing! Love Brenda

    1. Hi Brenda,
      Not sure if you'll get this, but I miss you! I hope your well! I've been blessed with lovely sweet twins, they're 8 mos! Well take care!
      xoxo Carly