Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My first Treasure!


This was my first find last summer! It was at a tag sale sitting all by itself. It had no price. I was admiring it! I saw the beauty it had! I asked the man what he wanted for the dresser. He said $5.00! I said "I'll take it". I thought to myself what a bargain! It was just up the street from my house, and I had to go get my husbands pick-up truck. I told the man I'd be back in 5 minutes to pick up my new treasure!

Isn't it a beauty! I sanded it. I put a primer on it. I painted it Be Mine (a pretty pale pink). My mom bought the beautiful knobs for the second hand beauty! Here it is in my bedroom!

Not to shabby for my first piece!


  1. Love it Carly! $5?! That's awesome!

  2. A sweet treasure indeed Carly! You've done a fantastic job on it ~ fancy it only being $5! Surely meant just for you! And I'm sure the fellow is pleased it has gone to such a loving new home! Love Brenda

  3. It looks so much better for a lick of paint!

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely comments! My next project is a corner courier that my aunt passed down to me!

  5. GREAT find for only $5! WOW! Love the color pink you chose too!

    (I noticed on the bottom of your blog you like.. oops.. LOVE Holly Hobbie ~ I adore her!! I remember playing with everything HH when I was a little girl, and now, having fun trying to find those "toys" and items back again)


  6. Love it ... great makeover...!!