Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer thrifting!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by, I love visitors, followers and your lovely comments! I would have to say my favorite hobby would be thrifting! How great is it when you can furnish/ decorate your home for a fraction of the cost or clothe your children! Or yourself! I remember growing up my grandmother saying "waste not want not" or "make it do or do without" she was very frugal! She grew up during the depression, so I understand! One of my favorite childhood memories is tag saling with my mother! I remember really enjoying the time we spent together treasure hunting!

Here are some treasures I'd like to share that I've actually found with my little lovebugs!


How cute is this vintage dustpan and brush!
How about this sweet kitty washing and this little duckling!
Vintage chick measuring cups which need a good delicate washing!
Linens (vintage) are a favorite of mine!
Vintage Christmas Elfs!
How unique is this lil mood barometer?
I did make it to the Brimfield antique and flea market!
Here is my beautiful family!

My sweet babies!
xoxo Carly


  1. "Make it do or do without"! I really like that one. Not sure if I can live by it, but it's nice to think about! Haa!
    Great finds! The measurings cups are so neat. I've only seen newer versions.
    The babies are getting big! What a cute famuly you have.
    Erica :)

  2. What cute pics of your family! And I love that sweet little kitten! Have fun!

  3. Hi, Carly!
    I remember those dustpans!
    They didn't work worth a hoot but I'd still like to have one now. :)

    Your twins are adorable.
    I always wanted twins *girls* that looked just like me.
    How vain is that? Ha-ha!
    But the Lord knew what I needed and he gave me 4 boys spaced a part instead. ♥