Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jessica & Carly

I've been waiting for a bit to share a picture of Jessica and me! Jessica is a good friend of Gavin and I. Jess is also helping us on our journey to parenthood! We couldn't be more blessed! Today is a big day for us the shots begin! Contract have been reviewed, signed and in the doctors hands! So things have begun! We are so excited! This journey began in September 2010! It's really happening now! This picture was taken in January 2011! We are at Santa Monica beach California! The weather was in the 70's and sunny, who could ask for more? Gavin and I left Connecticut in a blizzard to sunny skies in LA!
We are scheduled for egg retrieval March 8, and transfer March 13th! Holy cow!!

Sunedays to all!

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  1. Very Happy News! And what a beautiful gift to carry your baby for you but just for the 9 months or so and then that little precious bundle is all yours! Yippie! Hugs from Diane in That place you called sunny California.

  2. Carly, you asked about a straggler for the swap? Well, it's me! There was an even number of swappers, so I left myself out, hoping someone would step up to the plate! Yay! Email me your address, and I'll email mine back.