Saturday, November 19, 2011



I cannot say how excited I am to be blogging again! It's been almost a month! Gavin and I just figured out how to add images from my ipad2, I think images or pics make the post! My computer that I normally use is still broken. The pic I'm posting is my mother in-law Ellen's kitten! His name is Rocky! He is so precious! Look at him snoozing! Ellen adopted Rocky and his sister Molly moon at 8 weeks. The kittens were left at the steps of a vetranerian's office at only a few weeks! Some people! The babies were bottle fed untill they could eat on their own. Ellen's friend worked at the office and thought of Ellen right away, Ellen has a love for cats and dogs!

Yesterday I worked half a day which was great for a Friday! After work I headed right to the thrift store! This thrift store is huge, I'd have to say it's bigger than a Goodwill! I head straight the kitchen items (Pyrex)! I see two amazing pieces! They were in great shape and good prices! Smiles!

I next proceed to the book area, in search of children's books! I was in luck, I found about 12 excellent condition, hard cover books! Also priced right at $1.00 each!

I do a quick run through the linens, and then to check out!

I had a lunch date with my mother! Which was much needed! She works the weekend and I work Monday through Friday so it becomes difficult to get together! It was fun we both had breakfast! A favorite of ours!

I will post the pics in the next post!

Happy weekend!

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  1. Good to see you made it back...can't wait to see the picks. Love these sweet kitties....smiles...Renee