Sunday, May 29, 2011



I am ready to relax! I was up oh so early, of course for the Stormville Flea Market in NY. It's always a good day when your going to a 600 vendor market! My In-laws came over this afternoon for a quiet barbecue which was nice. So now I'm winding down ready to share and spill!

My sister and I have been going to Stormville for the past three years. It is such an enjoyable day starting with a back road adventure from Connecticut into New York. Its such a beautiful ride passing through the street sign Looking Glass Hill Rd, quaint little town of New Preston and the beautiful farms and sweet homes. It's a little bit of a longer drive but oh so worth it.

Unfortunately I didn't have the best of luck for purchases. I think I'm finding that I really don't like paying flea market prices even with a haggle, because I know that tag sales, estate sales and thrift stores have much better prices! ;) How bad is that? I did so enjoy spending the day with my lil sister! Well I am going to post a pic of us at the market!

P.S.We both love to sleep in so we usally don't arrive till 10 or so but today we arrived at 9am, the earliest ever! It's very very hard to pass by all the tag sales on the way.

Happy Resting!

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  1. Great photo - it's so much fun to have someone to go thrifting with. I'm usually just diving into a charity shop with my toddler in tow, but making a full day of it is best. I know what you mean about not wanting to pay specialist market type prices, but at least you know you're bound to find something you love.

    I post about all my second hand finds here in London x