Saturday, February 9, 2013

Twin Nursery


I've been wanting to blog for some time now. The extra time just wasn't there. The twin are approaching 3 months! It's so hard to believe. These past few months have been incredible. Busy of course but the feeling of being a mother and all the love we share. I love it!

We have a 2 bedroom home and I'm somewhat of a junk collector. For the past 5 years our second bedroom has been a room for my sewing machine, vintage linen, magazines our computer, you name it it was there! So I have some pictures to share from junk room to our baby room!

At Salvation Army during the pregnancy I found this beautiful vintage armoire. It's on wheels so I new it was old! I bought it and did a little DIY. I sanded it and painted it a lovely shade of aqua. I think it looks great in the nursery! What do you think?

The room is not complete but it's getting there. We enjoy reading, singing, dancing, rocking and just living in this nursery with two beautiful babies.












Thanks for stopping by! Happy weekend!

xoxo Carly



  1. Hi Carly!!!
    It's Erica. You just left a comment on my blog (about the transfers), but I don't have your email address to reply to you. Will you email me at

  2. Carly, The nursery looks perfect, I love everything you have done, and yes that armoire is vintage it looks great! You must e-mail me your snail mail address I would love to send a Baby Shower gift! Oh and please when you come to California again please let me know it would be fun to meet. Hugs, Diane my e-mail

  3. Happy 4 months to the little ones! :)

  4. I love your nursery! Happy 4 months to the twinnies. It keeps getting better.

  5. I totally feel your pain. We have a 3 bedroom house....but its like 2-1/4 because room 3 is TiNY!! Its only 1102 sq ft. When I found out I was pregnant we had to make several hauls to Goodwill. We somehow made it work