Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vintage cake/Christmas tags

Happy Tuesday!

Christmas is right around the corner! I love the sparkling lights,Christmas music,wrapping gifts,the smell of homemade Christmas cookies and shopping for gifts! All the JOYS!

I received a beautiful package from Sharon at My Vintage Studio. Sharon sent me four sweet Christmas tags and a lovely vintage Santa magnet! Thank you so much Sharon! What fun it was to receive after a long day at work! Thank you to Sue@ Suelovescherries.blogspot.com for hosting a beautiful Christmas tag swap!
I made my first tag which was great fun! I look forward to joining in another tag swap!

These cake mixes I bought are Jiffy cake mixes, what my gramma swears by. Ever since I was a liitle girl jiffy is what I'd find in the cupboard. Every birthday it was Jiffy! I agree they are delicious! These mixes have been hard to come by, they stopped selling them in the city grocery stores! I figured I'd look them up on line. I planned to purchase a case for $6.00 but the shipping was going to be $15.00. Outrageous! I then looked up where they were sold, smart idea I found them locally! Yeah! My gramma will be thrilled to get these mixes with her Christmas gift!

To me they actually look vintage! What do think? Does anyone use Jiffy cake mix? I bought a few for myself to try!

Thanks for stopping by! Please come again!

Have a wonderful and safe Christmas!

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  1. I use Jiffy cornbread mix. Also, blueberry muffin mix. I like then all. So easy.

  2. I've seen loads of these [trying to totally remember where!] and i've always wondered how good they come out, i'm a bit weary of the preboxed ready mixes, might have to give one a go they look easy enough.

  3. Your Tags are beautiful !I remember Jiffy!
    Merry Christmas to you & Your Family !

  4. This is so clever and definitely a frugal luxury!
    Thanks for sharing. :)